Change begins with you

Everyone faces challenges  in the face of a new change.  We can make goals, maintain our intentions, and give ourselves motivation to achieve - but we still struggle to maintain our focus, and it becomes difficult to keep our mission on track.

Changing habits require an acknowledgement of our own self-mastery.  Before deciding to make a change - our behaviors, moods, emotions, and thoughts need to be under our control.  That way, our integrity and commitment to our change overpowers the temptation to break in that moment of choice when complications come up.

Change requires assessment, commitment, feedback, and follow-through.  Especially with deeply-embedded habits.  We need reinforcing relationships so we can regularly report on progress to someone & get objective feedback.  Accountability creates responsibility.  Commitment and involvement result in change. 

We require two tools for a resolution: a compass and a map.  First, we require a high self-awareness and a clear conscious, this is your compass.  It is understating what makes us who we are, and what we stand for.  It guides us regardless of present circumstances.  We must understand what is within our influence, and be able to distinguish our internal guide from all the other pressures in life.  Second, we need a plan - a road map.  It is not enough to know a change is needed and wait for the "right time" to do it.  There will be challenges, so understanding them eliminates surprise and frustration.  We need to investigate, plan, and commit.  Collect facts, plan milestones, and build teams. 

When we gather these tools and learn to use them, we can begin our transformation.