Happy Hips this Holiday!

The holiday season is full of many traditions, family and friends.  In relation to the physical body, the pelvis represents  foundation for stability.   Hips support how we carry ourselves as we stand, walk, run, etc.  On an emotional level the hips hold energy of family tradition, sense of security and personal beliefs.  Have you ever noticed your hips tighten up during a stressful family situation?   It is common to feel tension in the lower back and outer hips when strong emotions are being held or during a stressful situations. All bodies are different, however it's important to listen to the signs your body give you.

The two major muscles in the hips that are worth going into a little deeper are the psoas and the piriformis.  Both muscles connect the upper body to the lower body and both are typically involved with hip or lower back pain.  

The piriformis is one of the 6 muscles that have lateral rotation.  The piriformis originates in the sacrum, which is part of the lower spine in the glute area, goes through the pelvis and inserts at the top of the femur.  This muscle is partly within the pelvis and partly at the back of the hip joint. 

Psoas connects the upper body with the lower body on a much broader scale than the piriformis.  The psoas originates at several parts of the spine then travels down under the abdominal wall and inserts at the lesser trochanter of the femur.  The psoas is the strongest flexor of the hip joint and is used for movement and stability of the pelvis.  Often when the psoas is over loaded, pain in the lower back is felt.  

There are many physical, emotional, and mentally stressful reasons why hips and back soreness are created.  One of the best yoga postures to release the psoas and piriformis is Pigeon Pose. This is a common posture used in yoga classes because it is known to be the king of hip openers.  Pigeon pose is a posture to release emotions, let go of hip tension and offer lower back relief.   To release your tension in this posture further come to the complimentary class at K. Hollis Jewelers in Batavia Wednesday, Jan 6th at 5:00 PM..  Half price wine from 5 - 7pm.  To try the king of hip openers at home check out the Yoga Journal for instructions and variations.