Maintain your resolve

To keep a resolution, it's important to understand why we may fail.  Challenges to personal change, and therefore growth, exist on three levels.  

  1. Intrapersonal - relation with yourself
  2. Interpersonal - relations with others
  3. Transpersonal - relations with our cause, purpose, and mission

Facing intrapersonal challenges takes discipline and restraint.  Forces of temptation and desire weigh on us internally and bait us to break any resolve we make - whether it's smaller meals, more sleep, or less cookies.  If I succumb and over-indulge, I may be suspending my focus or compromising my emotional well-being.  On the other hand, exercising self-control to overcome these challenges increases my self-worth and integrity by keeping personal commitments.

Interpersonal challenges are overcome by working on character and competence.  Failing to create a strong base of character result in acting out of pride and pretensions.  Being prideful is competitive in nature, constantly evaluating ourselves to others.  Pride is feeling superior for being ahead of other people, even if I'm getting ahead in the wrong things  Having pretensions is taking ownership and assuming a role in my interactions.  Roles should be granted in relationships, and ownership is absent.  After developing strong character and competence, we have confidence to allow relationships to grow organically without assumptions, positions, and absent of pretensions.

Dedicating your talents and resources to service of a noble cause and purpose overcome the transpersonal challenges.  If I acted solely to fulfill personal ambitions and aspirations, I only look out for myself, seek to fulfill my agenda, consume more than I contribute, and I consistently measure the value of activities by how it serves me.  These characteristics cloud our ability to serve a cause and have a sense of stewardship - to take responsible care over a higher purpose.