All Salt is Not Created Equally: An Ode to Pink Himalayan Salt

Salt is a vital ionic compound for both humans and animals.

Ultimately, pink salt is both aesthetically appealing and nutritionally dense.

Regular table salt can boast neither of the above.  Energetically speaking, himalayan salt is more active;  More beneficial to cells, the body, and hydration.

Other salts dehydrate you from the inside out.  Very beneficial trace elements exist in pink salt- including fluoride, iodine, and zinc.

Macrominerals such as calcium, iron and potassium are also found in himalayan salt. This salt eliminates toxins from the body and increases nutrient absorption.

Natural, pink salt is full of more than 84 minerals and boasts under 85% sodium chloride while.  Table salt is more than 99% sodium chloride.  Salts vary. Choose wisely.

Other uses for salt, besides

Diet, include natural face scrubs with pink salt, or full body

Epsom salt soaks. Visit our friends at Anicca Float Club to experience the external benefits of epsom salt.