Sankskrit: Vashistasana (Vah-shish-STAS-anna)

Vashista: 'most excellent, richest or best'
Historically speaking, Vashistas were prominent sages in yogic tradition.

Drishti (gaze): Straight ahead, or up towards lifted arm if neck is straight and strong

Common Misalignment:
Rainbow torso- your body should be straight and strong- just like in plank pose. Remove any sway in your side bodies by resisting the urge to dip towards the ground or exaggerate your lift towards the sky
Hips and/or shoulders not stacked- You can take this pose from your lower forearm, and/or lower knee, so long as your joints are stacked. If your alignment is compromised, take one of the above variations
Top arm twisted- The arm should be straight, palm facing the same direction as your hips and chest are pointing

Deepen the posture: Find a straight line from your heels through the crown of your head. If your feet are stacked, flex all of your toes towards your face. Option to lift your top leg- keep your joints stacked. Stack your arms one on top of the other and if your neck is strong, gaze over your lifted fingers