Member Spotlight at Sure Movements Yoga

Gloria McKeague has been with us since the first month we opened the doors.  What really stands out about her is how welcoming she is to new guests in our studio and how encouraging she is to others.  Gloria has raised her sons years ago in Batavia and returned about 5 years ago to spend time with her 6 wonderful grandchildren.  During her time away she was in Dallas where she worked in real-estate and later in Dublin, Ireland where her husband was expanding him company's business.  During her free time Gloria enjoys reading and traveling to Europe to visit her husband's family. Gloria's yoga practice started at home 10 years ago.  She progressed over video's but says, "but nothing like I have since joining SMY."  Her favorite postures are dancers pose and pigeon.  "I am fond of pigeon pose as it reminds me the session will soon be over."  Here is what Gloria has to share about her experience at Sure Movements so far, 

"I have to say that the people at SMY are wonderful. The instructors are friendly and talented and somehow they manage to make every session unique in some way."