Crystal, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, added yoga to her own workout routine and never looked back! With a background in gymnastics and dance, yoga felt like a natural fit. Along with her personal yoga practice she has been studying relaxation & meditation at Mindvalley Academy.

Crystal decided to become certified to teach yoga so that she could raise the vibrations of health and happiness to the world. With her fitness expertise and mind body knowledge she is sure to bring you a toned body and a quiet mind.



Andrew began his yoga practice to supplement his training in martial arts.  During his experience living in Thailand, he practiced full-time in both Muay Thai and Yoga.  Since then, yoga remains a strong ingredient in his training formula.  

Andrew teaches an active class with a focus on mobility, core stability, and inspiration by linking movements & sequences with universal themes.




Holly fell in love with yoga because of the sense of connection she felt every time she came to her mat. Yoga helped her to live her life in a way that was full and authentic to her true self. She began teaching yoga in 2011 and completed her 500 hour training in Guatemala. She now travels around the world teaching yoga and facilitating yoga teacher trainings. Her classes are creative and dynamic with an emphasis on meeting yourself where you are in the present moment.



Sara's intense curiosity for self discovery and spiritual growth allowed her to complete her 200 hour yoga certification in Costa Rica. She believes the balance of a traditional and strength based yoga practice can harmonize the mind and body bringing new perspective to every posture. As she finds it essential to listen to your body, her style encourages you to tune into your space using Pranayama breathing techniques.

While being open minded to endless possibilities, she is inspired to challenge others to explore their capabilities easing them out of their comfort zone.



Ashli is a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor and has been teaching since 2013. After practicing regularly for a few years, she decided it was time to learn all she could about this ancient practice and share her knowledge with others. There is nothing better than seeing the grateful, glowing faces of her students after a class. Ashli looks forward to a lifetime of study and teaching.




Courtney teaches her classes with a funky and soulful style.  She has been involved with yoga for over 10 years and believes in its powerful transformation.  Courtney started yoga to recover from a running injury and to handle the pressures of life.  

Along with her 200 hour yoga certification, Courtney also has her Doctorate in Pharmacy, & Master's in Business Administration.  She infuses elements of her career and education into her classes.


Courtney constructs her sequences to be fun & inspirational while fostering the unity between mind, body, and spirit.



Sarah pulls her inspiration from her own personal life and experiences. She knows and understand that even just a small change in your thoughts and actions during a single class can make a world of difference to the rest of your day.

"Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists."




Melissa has been heavily involved in the dance community and naturally developed an interest in fitness early on. She began working at 16 in an all-Women’s Fitness facility where she grew her education in Health, Wellness, and Group Fitness. With her love for dance and overall wellness, yoga fell right in line with the lifestyle she was looking to lead.

A regular yoga practice influenced positive changes for her mind and body that she decided to take on teaching! Melissa teaches Sure Strength because it combines her love for Strength Training and true Yoga into one amazing body transforming workout!